Garden Furniture

Below you will be able to watch a great selection of garden furniture videos guaranteed to give you some wonderful ideas for your garden as well as some do it yourself articles about woodwork and building your own furniture…


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Building an Adirondack Chair


Do it yourself furniture

It is extremely fulfilling and rewarding to handcraft your own furniture and whether you’re building for saving money, utility or to create something for posterity, the furniture you construct will convey your own special style. This is not wishful thinking anymore for even those with just basic carpentry skills as there are numerous furniture kits and accessories available in the market. The choices range from assembling kits for a simple bar stool, Kitchen Island or Adirondack chair to home office furniture, bedroom suites, media centers and even antique reproductions!

Furniture kits for handcrafting

Homeowners are spoiled for choice as there is a plethora of design and crafting kits, suitable for all skill levels and the most basic designs can be customized with your choice of seats, cushions, legs and tops. Some manufacturers have in-house design teams to help you coordinate furniture selections, design and fabricate your pieces. Still others offer discounted kit prices with videos to guide you step by step as you assemble these pieces, including tips on attaining a good hand finishing look. Popular choices are hardwoods- pine, oak, mahogany, cherry, alder and others- with complete suggestions for finishing your piece(s). That’s not all. Most kit manufacturers offer complementary hardware for their designs for easy, one-stop shopping

Basic requirements for do it yourself furniture

Certain kits only require you to possess a screwdriver, glue and your choice of finish while others meant for chests and mirrors are more complicated and require sophisticated tools like routers, miters and band saws. These furniture kits come in unfinished wood, ready for sanding and your customized selection of stains or paints and some have their own line of stains and finishes so you can order everything in one go.

The simpler kits such as those for picnic tables and Adirondack chairs require only basic skills while the fancier projects may call for an experienced hobbyist with well-honed wood crafting skills. 


Furniture for the backyard garden

For most, no pleasure is greater than decorating the backyard of their house. As the backyard being that part of a house, which is closest to the nature, tremendous creativity can be used to adorn it. Many people like to add a beautiful landscape to the backyard; few add various kinds of wild lives such as birds and ponds to add a more natural and realistic touch to the backyard. For all such purposes there are various types of furniture available that greatly enhance the beauty of the backyard.

Furniture for bird lover’s backyard

For those who love to have birds in their backyard various types of furniture are available, those not have great utility but also add to the beauty of the backyard garden. The vast range of furniture includes various types of bird feeders, birdhouses, bat houses and birdbaths. Special feeders are made for humming birds and bluebirds. There are squirrel proof houses for butterflies, which add a different life to the backyard.

Backyard sittings

Well, for most backyards is the ideal place to relax in evening and on weekends. Sitting in various styles add designs are available that add an elegant look to the back yard. One can choose amongst a wide range of porch swings that are available both in metal and wood, in different sizes and price ranges. There are special do-it-yourself swing kits, which are very easy to install and remove when not needed. Similarly various types of patio umbrellas are available, under which one can sit sipping over a cup of coffee with his loved one or reading a book on weak ends.
For kids the best to thing to have in a backyard is a tree house. One can buy a readymade tree house, which is easy to install, or even build one. However it is better to build according to the tree size.

Backyard furniture also includes various types of illuminations that can add different colors and sparkling beauty to the backyard in the night. The list is never ending; one can use customized styles of furniture and themes according to his or her budget. Furniture for backyards is available in all ranges. If placed creatively they will add great beauty to the backyard garden.


Woodwork in the back yard

Woodwork projects for the garden or backyard can be easy and will make the backyard area more attractive and comfortable. Woodwork projects are not only fun, but also they can also become an interesting hobby that allows to build personalized pieces. Many things are there to add in the backyard. They are chairs, bridges, picnic tables and fences to give the backyard a real cozy look.
Wooden thing in the backyard

For the woodwork in the back of the house it can include two popular styles for picnic tables. They are rectangle measuring 72″ x 60″ x 30″ high and octagonal measuring 56″ x 56″ x 30″ high. Both styles are ideal for outdoor entertaining and barbecuing. For birdhouse and feeders the plan offers three popular sizes and styles, which are perfect for the patio or backyard. The styles are designed for easy maintenance.

The martin house measures 26″ x 22-1/2″ x 26″ high. Picnic benches and tables in the backyard look too attractive. People can enjoy with the family in the back without traveling for the picnic. Kids enjoy having different setting in the backyard. The porch swing is ideal for attaching to any porch or outdoor structure. The overall size is 72″ x 24″ x 26″ high. The attractive and sturdy design of the swing works in any location. Pet houses can be built in the backyard for the children to play with the pets. Multiple facility gym can be made in the back out of wood to workout in fresh air in the home. Wooden fences look too good in the backyard giving a very rich look. It is durable and comes in different sizes and shapes.

Durability of wood

It good to have wood in the backyard but at the same time one has to maintain it regularly. The wood has be the good quality, every year it has to be polished. Using of anti termite solutions can help to keep wood safe for long. One of the important part for maintenance is to keep the wood dry as much as possible. Keep the moisture out of wood.