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Home theater automation

Home theater automation is the ultimate entertainment dream of any person. It is the most awesome home entertainment system. Home theater by itself is an entertainment which is alluring but if automated and at your finger tips or voice control it becomes the couch potato’s definition of comfort and luxury.

Home theater automation features personalized, custom control for simplified operation. The touch of one button gracefully dims the lights, opens the curtain to reveal the screen, sets the volume at a comfortable level and displays the crystal clear video.

Real home theater results from an artful integration of audio, video, control and room acoustic systems. These systems must meet performance levels for excellent reproduction of movies and music. Home automation can control your acoustics to suit the mood of the media being played. If restricted to the room during the movie it can turn up essential parts of the speakers such as 3d surround, etc, simulating a real movie. If the media playing is a song, it can select preset equalizer readings and adjust accordingly. Further it can be used to change the acoustics directed at the place where one is seated by swivel speakers.

Home theater automation also can differentiate which room to play the music or media content in. If your home is connected to one major system and each of your rooms has an interface, such as speakers in the walls…one can listen to music in one room while muting it in the other.

To make sure your system is easy to use home theater automation uses a control system that can dim the lights, close the shades and start the show with a single button push. The entire system is calibrated to reference standard and includes personal preference tuning presets.

A motion detector might be set up to look for motion only movie or television playback. If motion is detected it might automatically pause the movie, turn up the lights, and play intermission music until the person returns from the bathroom. Another example is if the phone rings it automatically pauses the content, turn the lights up, and display the caller’s details on the screen. This degree of automation is not easily attainable with most normal home theater setups.

Home theater automation also enables quick shift between content that is being played without needing to physically change the media. So one can stock up an entire store of media content which can be indexed and stored in a way which is accessible by either voice control or by remote.

As can be seen from this, home theater automation merely enables one touch control over the entertainment source in your home.